Ration Choice: Learn About Our Revamped Program

By Legacy Seeds   |   August 20, 2021

Since 2015, the Legacy Ration Choice Silage Program has offered growers in the Upper Midwest multiple corn hybrids with superior yield and digestibility characteristics.

Now, after a year-long, in-depth training process, the revamped Ration Choice Program is ready to roll! The Legacy Seeds team of Regional and District Sales Managers, Product Managers and Agronomists stand ready to assist our growers to decide what corn silage option is best for their farm.

After engaging the services of an outside firm specializing in corn silage, the Legacy group gained a heightened understanding of the agronomics, forage analysis and management practices that drive the efficiency and profitability of on-farm production. One of our goals remains the same– the right corn silage hybrid on the right acre!

Legacy Seeds utilizes a diverse set of corn genetics from multiple breeding programs to be able to offer the very best corn silage options for your specific growing environment. These corn options paired with our HD alfalfa program are sure to offer dairy farmers the best possible forage options to meet all their herd needs.

We fully acknowledge that we are not dairy nutritionists and look forward to working in conjunction with our grower’s nutritionist to continue to utilize the best products for their herd.

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