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Protecting the Soil While Being Profitable: Why Alfalfa is the Perfect Continuous Cover

When corn and soybean farmers think of protecting their soil from erosion and nutrient loss, cover crops are likely one of the first options that come to mind.  But a

Why Growing Corn as Forage Benefits Livestock & Beyond

Because of the demand for corn grain in the U.S., many farmers overlook its potential as a forage crop, especially if they don’t have livestock. But regardless of whether a

Harvesting Insights: Leveraging Non-ag Markets for Crop Value and Strategy

By now, all producers have experienced the effects of inflation. When it comes to the financial management of your farm and business, it’s important to think not only about grain market

5 Grain Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

As human beings, we are creatures of habit and become accustomed to doing things a certain way. We make the same decisions and repeat the same patterns every day. But

Proven performance in the Upper Midwest

Legacy Seeds continues to prove performance Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) provides timely unbiased comparisons of innovative seed genetics to improve yield and profitability for American corn and

Behind the Scenes: The Backbone of Legacy Seeds’ Production and Shipping Season

FORKLIFTS ARE ROLLING AND TRUCKS ARE LOADING… In the busy atmosphere of our warehouse, forklifts roll and trucks load, and we want to show off the efficiency and dedication of

Grower Resources Webinar: Incentive Funding Opportunities

Were you able to join us on November 8th for our deep dive into the world of incentive funding for growers? If you missed it, don’t worry – we have

Alfalfa: A Regenerative Powerhouse for Modern Agriculture

In the vast landscape of modern agriculture, alfalfa stands out not just as a valuable forage crop but also as a beacon of sustainability. The prolonged soil coverage offered by

Navigating the Dairy Landscape: A Chat with John Goeser

In the vast and intricate world of agriculture, dairy holds a unique place, combining both tradition and innovation. We recently sat down with John Goeser, Animal Nutritionist and R&I Director

Legacy Seeds: Where Passion Meets Profession – A Chat with Bret and Mike

In the bustling heartland of Wisconsin, where cows might just outnumber people, stands Legacy Seeds – a veritable superhero in the seed world. Donning their metaphorical capes, we had the

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