Proven performance in the Upper Midwest

December 19, 2023

Legacy Seeds continues to prove performance

Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) provides timely unbiased comparisons of innovative seed genetics to improve yield and profitability for American corn and soybean farmers. Their unbiased hybrid and variety yield and agronomic results are reported for each individual test site and as a regional average over all sites in the region.  We are pleased to see their unbiased results. Legacy Seeds corn products are selected for and perform in your geography.

Legacy Seeds corn products are selected for the Upper Midwest, to meet the dynamic demands of growers, whether they require trait hybrids, conventional hybrids or the Organic market. We are passionate about helping farmers build a legacy by supporting their journey from seed to field to fork. “Genetics and genetic diversity are a big part of our corn line-up. Our high-performing conventional hybrids and hybrids with traits come from multiple sources, giving us the ability to offer the right hybrids that can be placed on the right soils and in the right environments.” Jim Wold, Legacy Seeds Corn Product Manager.

Check out our product performance data here.

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