Alfalfa: A Regenerative Powerhouse for Modern Agriculture

September 19, 2023

In the vast landscape of modern agriculture, alfalfa stands out not just as a valuable forage crop but also as a beacon of sustainability.

The prolonged soil coverage offered by alfalfa, longer than any other crop, positions it as a prime candidate for improving soil health. By acting as a carbon sink, alfalfa also contributes to the broader goals of regenerative agriculture.

Legacy Seeds Alfalfa: Leading the Charge

Legacy Seeds’ alfalfa varieties are designed with both the farmer and the environment in mind. Here’s how they stand out:

  • Longevity: Legacy Seeds alfalfa varieties are renowned for their persistence. With productive stands lasting four or more years, they often outlive competitor varieties.
  • Deep Taproot Benefits: This feature aids in breaking soil compaction and facilitates deep soil carbon storage, further enhancing its regenerative capabilities.
  • Nitrogen Fixation: Legacy Seeds alfalfa greatly reduces the need for commercial nitrogen for top yields. Moreover, it utilizes nitrogen from manure before fixing its own, preventing excessive nitrogen leaching or denitrification.
  • Synergy with Grasses: Pairing with Northern Haymaker grass mix or other late-maturing forage grasses, Legacy Seeds alfalfa offers multiple benefits, from increased yield to enhanced tolerance for traffic and manure applications. This combination also significantly boosts soil health.
  • Organic Transition: For those looking to shift to organic farming, Legacy Seeds alfalfa serves as an ideal transition crop, with non-GMO varieties and OMRI-approved seed treatments available.
  • Quality Retention: One of the standout features of Legacy Seeds alfalfa is its ability to maintain quality even in a delayed cutting system.

A Sustainable Future with Legacy Seeds Alfalfa

For farmers, growers, and dealers, the choice of crop is not just about immediate yields but also about future sustainability. Legacy Seeds alfalfa offers a dual advantage – it’s a perennial cover crop that’s good for the farm and great for the soil. Our Legacy Alfalfa Team is excited to breed and provide outstanding varieties that are leading the pack with yield and persistence to help maintain and build soil health, while providing a valuable feed for animal agriculture.

Dive deeper into the benefits and explore the varieties on offer at Legacy Seeds.

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