Silage to improve your herd: Ration Choice

By Loren Jesch   |   March 16, 2022

At Legacy Seeds, we take pride in understanding our customer’s needs and expectations.  Which is why we take a different approach to corn silage.  Most of the industry continues to focus on developing and selling “grain hybrids” for silage use.  Legacy Seeds has developed Ration Choice(C).

A rigorous testing program that allows us to identify and develop products that are designed for animal feeding and silage use that meet and exceed your expectations.  Our Ration Choice hybrids are specifically chosen for their silage yield along with characteristics that our customers value, characteristics such as: yield, starch, fiber, and sugar digestibility. This enables Legacy Seeds to match the right products to your operation’s specific needs and expectations which enables you to maximize your herds potential.

We recognize that not every corn hybrid qualifies for silage use and certainly not as a Ration Choice Hybrid.  Those hybrids that do qualify for that designation, meet, or exceed all the characteristics required by Legacy Seeds and our Ration Choice Testing Program. Learn more information on our Ration Choice Program or contact one of our silage professionals about how we can help you increase return on investment for your operation.

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