Legacy Seeds: Where Passion Meets Profession – A Chat with Bret and Mike

August 15, 2023

In the bustling heartland of Wisconsin, where cows might just outnumber people, stands Legacy Seeds – a veritable superhero in the seed world. Donning their metaphorical capes, we had the joy of chatting with two of the company’s “supermen” – Bret McCorkle, the brand president, and Mike Sankey, the research agronomist. Their tales? Well, they’re nothing short of epic!

Bret McCorkle: From Seedling to Seed Leader

Imagine being born into a family of seed legends! That’s Bret’s backstory. His deep-rooted history in the seed domain isn’t just about plants, but about planting the seeds of success for every farmer out there. “We’re not just in the business of seeds; we’re in the business of success stories,” Bret winks. As he speaks of Legacy’s expansive forage offerings and dreams of international ventures, it’s clear that Legacy Seeds isn’t just planting seeds, but dreams too.

Mike Sankey: The ‘Green’ Detective at Legacy’s Lab

Mike might not have been born on a farm, but boy, does his heart beat in agricultural rhythms! He recalls, “Growing up in Wisconsin, I was that kid who preferred tractors over toy cars.” Today, Mike’s playground is the impressive Research and Learning Center (RLC) in Waupaca. Ever wonder how Legacy’s alfalfa gets its groove on? Mike and his team are the maestros behind it. “It’s like composing a symphony, but with seeds,” he quips.

Legacy Seeds: Where Every Seed Tells a Story

Through their tales of dedication, research, and a sprinkle of fun, both Bret and Mike highlight the spirit of Legacy Seeds. It’s a place where every seed has a story, every product has a purpose, and every handshake is a promise.

So, whether you’re a farmer or just someone who appreciates a good ol’ agricultural tale, join us! At Legacy Seeds, the future’s not just bright; it’s blooming!

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