• Delivers top forage yields on tough soils
  • Branch Rooted alfalfa
  • Strong disease resistance including HR to APH2 and R to APH3
  • Strong winter survival and persistence
  • FD 4.5 WSI 1.9 DRI 35/35

“Legacy alfalfa is as a consistent hay as we’ve ever used. Four–five year stands that continue to bring tonnage and quality. We wouldn’t have used it for 10 years if it weren’t.”

Josh Silverthorn, Silver-Shea Holsteins, Omro, WI

Product Details

Disease Ratings

Disease Index Rating (DRI)35/35
Bacterial WiltHR
Fusarium WiltHR
Phytophthora Root RotHR
Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1)HR
Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2)HR
Verticillium Root RotHR
Stem NematodesHR

Agronomic & Plant Characteristics

Fall Dormancy4.5
Winterhardiness (WSI)1.9
Root TypeBranch
Yield Ability1
Forage Quality3
Recovery after Harvest3

Product Positioning

Potato LeafhopperS
Salt ToleranceNR
Moderately Wet Soils1
Well Drained Soils1
Three Cut System2
Four Plus Cut System1
Grazing/Wheel Traffic Tolerance2

My Notes


*: Highly Digestible | **: StandLife Genetics®
Recovery after Harvest Ratings: 1 = Very Fast | 2-3 = Fast | 4-5 = Average | 6-7 = Slow | 8-9 = Very Slow
Disease Ratings: HR = Highly Resistant | R= Resistant | MR = Moderately Resistant | LR = Low Resistant | S= Susceptible | NR = Not Rated
Performance Ratings: 1-2 = Excellent | 3= Very Good | 4-5 = Average | 6-7 = Fair | 8-9 = Poor

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