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Bred specifically to thrive through Wisconsin winters

At Legacy Seeds, we focus our soft red wheat variety selection based on great yields in both straw and grain. We select varieties with excellent winter hardiness to not only survive but to thrive in Wisconsin. Our varieties offer toughness in variable soil conditions to maximize yield in low, medium, and high yield environments, plus all our varieties carry the FHB1 gene to maximize disease resistance.

We select from the best genetics available in the market and work hard to always bring the latest high yielding varieties to your farm. Being in a dairy state ,we pride ourselves on selecting wheat with the best standability so we can utilize dairy manure without worry of lodging wheat come harvest time.

Our small seed forage lineup is designed to help farmers maximize forage production throughout a variety of soil types and growing conditions. We look forward to helping select the correct forage mix to help growers utilize their forage production acres to the maximum potential, and have solutions for growers looking to produce dry hay, haylage, baleage, and/or high production pastures. We can utilize grass, grass + legume mix, or pure legume stands, with two excellent turf mixes as well for any lawn seed needs.

“Legacy wheat has provided us with great grain and straw yields consistently for many years—it’s the best around, even in poor weather years. It seems like all the neighbors are eager to buy our straw; everyone likes the yield and quality it delivers.”

Bradley Fisher, Fisher Farms, Omro, WI

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