Legacy Seeds records Top 3 All-Time Highest yields in the History of the North Dakota State soybean yield trials.

By Jim Lund   |   November 18, 2021

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In the history of the NDSU Extension soybean yields trials, no entry has ever broken the 90-bushel barrier. This year in the Dickey County – Oakes Irrigated Trial, Legacy Seeds had three soybeans that did just that!

#1 99.9 bpa = Legacy Seeds entry LS122-21E

#2 92.6 bpa = Legacy Seeds entry LS1320N E

#3 90.0 bpa. = Legacy Seeds LS094-20 XF

Jim Lund, regional manager from Legacy Seeds in North Dakota says,

“We are thrilled with this ALL-TIME Record achievement.  This definitely shows the performance strength of these three varieties as they have been in top yield positions in trials all over the region.”

Our Dynamic Duo of Enlist E3 soybeans the L1230E & L1320E have proven they’ve raised the bar of yield in early Group 1 RM across all trait platforms. L1320E when it first came out in the Fall of 2019 was in the top tier of plots all along the southern North Dakota and western Minnesota region.  The early frost in 2020 limited that top-end yield expression, in 2021 that measurable yield potential is back.

L1230E has looked very good in our research testing. We are seeing that performance in statewide testing as well as our seed production fields.

All three of these yield leading varieties are a measure of what Legacy Seeds can deliver in a seed bag at planting season. Seed yield potential comes from two components, the seed’s genetics and the seed’s quality.  We take pride in delivering you the most elite germplasm with the some of the highest standards for quality.”

Legacy Seeds believes in providing top performing genetics in all our soybean varieties no matter what the trait or non-trait platform. Ask your Legacy Seeds representative what varieties, traits and solutions they have for you farm today!

*Legacy Seeds is a distributor for Loyal Brand soybeans in the Midwest. Loyal Brand soybeans consist of both LibertyLink® GT27® and Enlist E3®. For more information go to our web location for our Loyal Brand™. Loyal Brand™ is a trademark of M.S. Technologies, LLC, West Point, IA

Loyal Brand Distributed by Legacy Seeds, Scandinavia, WI

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