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Legacy Seeds believes in providing top performing genetics in all our soybean varieties no matter what the trait or non-trait platform. We vigorously test our varieties in our testing program to determine which varieties fit our market areas. Using multiple breeding programs, it allows us to select from elite genetics to meet our goals. Legacy Seeds soybean varieties range in maturity from 00.6 RM to 2.6 RM. Along with top performing genetics we protect them with “L-Coat Total” soybean seed treatment system. “L-Coat Total” soybean seed treatment system will save you time and money by protecting your seed by improving your stand count, early vigor and overall total performance. Ask your Legacy Seeds representative what varieties, traits and solutions they have for you farm today!

“We provide top-performing genetics in all our soybean varieties, selecting from elite genetics to meet goals for our market areas. Through vigorous testing, we determine the varieties, traits and solutions that work best, offering a range in maturity plus multiple treatment systems.”

Jim Wold, Legacy Seed Corn and Soybean Product Manager

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