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Legacy Seeds Ration Choice Leads the Charge

Congratulations! Egan Family Dairy earns top honors at the 2021 World Dairy Expo’s World Forage Analysis Superbowl in Madison, Wisconsin. Submitted by the Egan Family Dairy in Omro, Wisconsin, Legacy’s “LC-4118” sample earned the title

2022 Dealer Kick-Off Event

Here’s to the Year Ahead: Our 2022 Dealer Kick-Off Event in River Falls, Wisconsin on August 26, 2021 Legacy Seeds kicked off the 2022 sales year with a plot tour

Ration Choice: Learn About Our Revamped Program

Since 2015, the Legacy Ration Choice Silage Program has offered growers in the Upper Midwest multiple corn hybrids with superior yield and digestibility characteristics. Now, after a year-long, in-depth training

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