Are you ready for Spring?

Tractor plowing a field in spring

As we look ahead to warmer weather, there are a few things we can do to prepare: Planter Maintenance Now is the time to inspect the whole planter. Do any

What is your soil missing?

handful of gypsum

As we come into March, many of us who farm are looking at an increasingly bearish market on corn and soy futures. Inputs that were very high (when many of

Winter at the RLC

Is the Winter a Time to Rest for the Research Team?  As a research team in Wisconsin, some of our busiest times are during the summer. This is when the

Supporting Your Business

Skidsteer in action in the warehouse

Legacy Seeds is partnering to be part of the solution At Legacy Seeds we are committed to helping farmers build a legacy by supporting their journey from seed to field

Leaving A Legacy Podcast Episode 1 (Part 3)

Episode 1 Part 3 The History of Legacy Seeds

We understand the struggle when you’re building something important for future generations. Hear the story of Legacy Seeds going up against major multinationals straight from Tyler Lee, one of our

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